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icons by hologrphcbuddha and the_kates

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Icons by sidewalk_doctor and the_kates
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Welcome and Stuff

Hello my lovelies. You might know me as Cat of the former add_bi_products. But I didn't like that name so I'm making a new icon journal. Much better, no? This journal shall be a bacchanalia of icons and artage by yours truly and the_kates. You may join the community if you wish, but the only ones with posting permissions will be myself and Katie, because, you know, it's our icon journal and all. That's kind of the point, lol.

While the majority of postings on this journal will be icon-related, we may also post artwork, music vids, and fanfics. The artwork here will be pretty much relegated to the fandoms and 'ships in the interests.


There are only a few rules regarding icon_bacchanal membership and/or usage of our shtuff.

1. If you take any icons, you must credit either our usernames or icon_bacchanal in your userinfo or userpic console. How? Simply enter "made by icon_bacchanal" in the "comments" field when uploading to your userpics. Screencap here.

2. I can't tell you not to flame us, freedom of speech and all, and besides, flames kind of amuse us. But I will tell you that flaming makes your comments our property, meaning we can mock and publicize your dipshititude however we wish.

3. Blanks are not bases. Meaning you are not allowed to alter them and/or pass them off as yours. We will be glad to add custom text if you ask nicelike and all.

4. Hot-link and heads will roll. Save to your own userpics, or upload to an image hosting service. A couple of free ones are imageshack or photobucket.

5. If you wish to use the icons on message boards and such, you may do so, provided you credit us or icon_bacchanal in your signature. Oh, and mention that it is an LJ username, or else it's kinda pointless.

6. As a general rule, we do not take requests, unless one of us specifies in an entry that we are taking them or unless you are a good friend. In those cases, we will only honor requests for something listed in this community's interests or that you know the iconmaker is a fan of.

Soooooooo... that's it! Hopefully those rules didn't scare y'all. Enjoy the icons!


Pictures, brushes, textures, etc. are linked in the big damn resource post.




None of it is ours. No profit is being made off the artwork, fiction, etc. posted on this journal. It is a fan-run journal created purely for entertainment purposes. So don't sue either of us. We don't have anything worth your time, anyway.

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